The gift of self-awareness

If there’s any gift the pandemic gave to some people, it was the gift of self-awareness.

Many learnt how to be by themselves, adapting to the dictates of the times. They lost their addiction to approval and could, for the first time, try their hands on the things they have always wished they could do.

Self-awareness is what has transmuted many laid-off workers to entrepreneurs, many married people to divorcees and many vice versa. It’s a gift of these times, and we might well embrace it.

Weakness to strength

If you know your weaknesses, you are one of the strongest people alive.

Weaknesses are only harnessable the moment you recognize them.

The problem with many people in the world is that they have no awareness of their actual weaknesses.

The unrecognized venture capitalists

If you become an entrepreneur, there is a high likelihood that the first office, cash injection and or advice you receive will come from your mom.

We all know Elon Musk but very few know Maye Musk who doubled as his mom and his first ‘venture capitalist’.

Moms don’t just offer support to their entrepreneurial children. A lot of times, they are the first to see what their kids will turn out to be before anyone else. If you are an entrepreneur who has a supportive mom, don’t wait till the weekend, appreciate her today.

Selflessness is a choice

Of the two parents a person might have, one’s mother is almost always the more selfless parent.

Mothers often give up dreams, choose careers, and make untold sacrifices, thanklessly.

But every mother who does what she does thanklessly, eventually realizes that making sacrifices might be a meaningless choice that she has made. And you never want your mother to ever stop being selfless. So, reach out to her this weekend and thank her.

Entrepreneurship is mothering

What many people do not often realize about entrepreneurs is that entrepreneurship isn’t necessarily about making profit.

Entrepreneurship is about conception, incubation and nurturing. An idea is nursed into a startup, which, in the process of time, is grown into a full fledged business.

There’s so much anticipation of success and an equal risk of failure from internal and external factors. It is really not about gender but it takes having the heart of a mother to be an entrepreneur.

The secret to creativity

If you become hollow, the spirits can sing, write and talk through you.

Creativity is not a feature of one’s personality but of one’s choice to be hollow, a vessel of sorts.

Because it only requires yielding oneself to silence, anyone can be creative in ways they never thought possible.

Two things that make some mothers successful

To be successful, you must be deliberate. You are able to act with a consciousness of your worth and the solution that you offer to the most amount of people.

Some mothers embody these two features such that one might consider them successful at raising their children.

They have a healthy self-image and an indisputable devotion, which makes them deliberate enough to succeed .

Don’t judge anyone

We are often led to believe or speak negatively about certain people based on our experiences of them but we shouldn’t.

Understand that people are never completely good or bad but both.

If you judge anyone, you are almost always looking at one side alone. This means, you may not have enough information to conclude that he or she is completely bad or good and therefore, you should not judge.

Joy is a choice

Joy is a choice, only an unconscious one, because it is based on our internal state of being, and not the external.

We can be joyful about something that makes us unhappy or even perplexed.

The reason is, joy comes from within. It can be cultivated but happiness is something we derive from external sources like people, food and money.