Separation disorder

It’s almost always funny how breakups and going aways suck.

The distress of having to leave a loved one creeps up. Then, there are emotional triggers like sights and sounds. And all to suddenly, the lost access, permanent or temporary, turns to sadness.

The thing is, separation disorders are a common phenomenon. They usually pass. Don’t let the pain of loss subdue your mind into forgetting why you broke up or had to leave. This too shall pass!

Life <>choice

Life is what you make of it.

For some, it’s an adventure, an opportunity to serve or the chance to make a difference.

For others, it’s a stream of bills, a race to win or a chance to keep keeping up.

Your life’s never what others make of it. The choices are all yours. Make the choice that serve you best.

Buy gold and silver too

Buying the dip is not overrated advice.But buy gold and silver too.

It’s hard to see what would stop the United States from printing more paper money to prop up its economy in a congressional election year.

If for nothing, at least to maintain the current balance of power.

Look for the algo

Algorithms are a set of rules that define the operability of things.

You want a better relationship or life? More money or a more supportive partner?

Look for the algo. It should be why you read books and watch YouTube videos.

Hangars and runways

People are either like hangars or runways, but never both.

Hangars keep you confined and protected from the elements. True. But they also keep you from possibilities.

Runways, on the other hand, encourage you to fly. They pull you to do the seemingly impossible.

One thing though, hangars are comfort zones, runways are not.

The lying paradox

If you lie to everyone else about your income, sexual orientation, shortcomings or deeply personal things, it won’t make it true.

Even if they never find out, you’ll know the truth and that’s all that matters.

The paradox of lying is you might successfully lie to everyone else apart from yourself. And it will still be on you to come to terms with the truth.

Need to know

All effective teams operate on a need-to-know basis.

There are pieces of information that should never be public knowledge within families, organizations and governments, irrespective of how democratic the group is.

And the reason is, some information are only meant to flow horizontally while others flow vertically. Knowing which is which is almost always determined by who needs to know.

Your inner circle

Your greatest threat will always come from the people in your inner circle.

No matter how tight you keep it, you’ll always have those people who think they know you enough to compromise you or steal your spot.

Whether they succeed or not will depend on how much information you give.