Cash infusion

Many don’t realize it but before you start any project, you need to ensure you are solid on cash.

It’s always better to have a lot of money at the start of a project than to run out of cash in between.

Once you are clear on any project you want to embark upon, figure out the cash first. The people and materials you’ll require will only become available when the cash is sorted out.

Not everyone is your friend

Not everyone is your friend. As a matter of fact, you have fans, contemporaries and confidants.

Your fans are people who like you from afar based on their perceptions of you. Contemporaries are people that are usually on the same path in life as you with whom you might share resources. Confidants, on the other hand, are people who love you for you with whom you share secrets.

If you look at your life critically, using this frame of reference, you will find that you don’t have many friends.

Change yourself

If you work in a team that needs to change or adapt to new situations, change yourself first.

There is no need trying to get your teammate to change or adapt to the new trends or turns. You change. You adapt.

Sometimes, changing yourself to adapt to new situations is the only way to get your team to course-correct when you realize that change needs to happen.

Affluence and spiritual enlightenment

Material affluence should never be the source of sickness and disease.

However, this is the case in most parts of the world. Obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol related diseases are so prevalent in developed countries that one might wonder if wealth is a curse.

Alas, wealth isn’t a curse, if you add spiritual enlightenment to it because spiritual enlightenment, would give you a sense of moderation and moderation will keep diseases at bay.

Hone and sell

Many don’t realize it but if you have a skill or talent, you have won the lottery.

The potential of that craft is enormous if you can learn how to be the best at it and sell it.

Stop wasting time trying your luck of things you have absolutely no control over. If you hone your craft and learn to sell it, that’s luck.

Two important things for success

To be successful at anything in life, there are two important things you must never overlook.

The first thing is the thing or things that you are best at. Your personal assets. Are you pretty? Do you write well? Are you good at coding? And so on.

The second thing is the number of people that like you. If you can get a good number of people to like you, you’ll always have voters, fans, customers and patrons.

Never criticize

Being critical is such an exercise in futility, you shouldn’t have to do it.

I mean, if bad people don’t even see themselves as bad, then making another person a villain through criticism only goes against human nature.

If you are ever tempted to criticize someone, stop. Otherwise, you will be saying things that will only earn you enemies, even when the criticism is frank.

Relationship shelf life

Every relationship has a shelf life. Never forget it. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the relationship might be today, it would end some day.

Understanding that a relationship will end some day should give you the perspective to put in your best in thoughts, words and deeds.

The last thing you ever want to remember about anyone with whom you had a relationship is how you took him or her for granted, or vice versa.

How to deal with energy vampires

If you think about it really deeply, some people deplete your mental energy by your choice to allow them be a fixture in your life.

They are not going to remove themselves if you don’t remove them, and they will keep draining you of your needed peace.

It’s almost always your job to set healthy boundaries.