Winning spreads

Winners win. They have figured out how to stay ahead.

You success is contingent upon hanging around winners whether they be co-workers, employees, friends or contemporaries because winning is contagious.

If the great companies of the world, understand this principle, and only seek and hire winners, why shouldn’t you?

Positive self-talk

You are unique. Don’t let anyone tell you, you aren’t. Your voice, talents, innovations and presence is needed in the world around you.

But the voice in your head tells you something different—that you are unworthy—because it wants to keep you safe. There’s no glory in safety.

Practice positive self-talk because, to leave the safety your mind is trying to keep you in, you have to drown that voice of mediocrity in your head.

The right people

If you manage any kind of project, you need to be around people. The right people.

The right people hold the keys to the ideas, resources and connections that can take you and your project to the next level.

Since time is finite and the next most valuable resource, after time, is the right people, practice spending most of your time with the people that genuinely add value.

There’s a method for everything

There are always things we don’t know that we don’t know.

These gaps are almost always the things that keep us at the same level, in the same types of relationships or at the same uninspiring job.

But there is a way to break out into your best life, business, career and relationship if you learn the method. Someone has been at the level in which you want to operate and they got there by following a method.

Relationships are living things

Relationships are not static. They are organic. It doesn’t matter that the relationship is professional or personal.

This is why you mustn’t entertain conflict, resentment, unforgiveness and other things that impede the flow of communication, support or kindness.

Relationships are living things, and if for a moment you starve them of the needed nutrients, they die.

A father’s love

A father’s love is often misunderstood. His silent calculations are often deemed to be arrogance.

When he sets boundaries like bedtime or date-night curfews, his children might think it tyranny.

We may never fully recognize it but most fathers get their first flowers at their funerals simply because, even when some fathers don’t make mistakes as so many others do, their love is almost always misunderstood.


At some point in your life, you are going to have to revolt against nearly everything you have ever believed, particularly if you want success at a phenomenal level.

We are almost always programmed by the world around us without any input of our own. We are born, go to school, get a job, raise a family, get old and die. It’s the simplest path in the known world.

But if we want to live exceptionally, we are going to have to rewire our minds to revolt against norms. You literally need to rewire yourself to stop eating, sleeping and working like the norm has required you to do, and that takes a lot of intentional effort.

Program yourself

What books, podcasts and documentaries are you consuming?

We are almost always being programmed by ads, tv shows and conversations of other people without having to do anything.

Shouldn’t we be deliberate about programming ourselves?

Abundance mindedness

If someone makes a decision that doesn’t favour you, accept that he or she has thought about that decision thoroughly, and come to a conclusion.

There’s no need to guilt-trip or be manipulative when they don’t give you the contract or the job or even their attention.

The world is abundant and if a prospect or person doesn’t see you for your value, others will.

People are not their deeds

Learn to separate people from their actions.

If you do this, you’ll find it easier to forgive when others hurt you. For someone out there, it might be a parent, former spouse or former colleague that hurt you really bad, forgive him or her.

I am not saying that you need to find your way back into that person’s orbit and be lovey-dovey with him or her, no. But you need to release them from their deeds because people are not their deeds. If they knew better, they’d have done better.