Open-ended questions

It’s almost always difficult to start a conversation with a stranger.

You don’t know this person and the ‘barriers to entry’ are almost always high.

Setting people at ease and allowing them to be themselves is almost always achievable by asking open-ended questions.

Get a coach

The best athletes all have one thing in common. They have coaches.

Now, when it comes to operating at peak performance so many people grapple with the proverbial ‘glass ceiling’ in their careers, family life or businesses, not really knowing how to overcome their holding patterns.

For this, the best thing is to get a coach.

Two types of clients

The clients that complain will most likely stay with you, if you address their complaints.

The ones that don’t complain have most likely moved on to your competition.

If you know the difference, you will encourage complaints and treat them as gifts.

Hold your tongue

Somethings are better left unsaid.

If there’s any advice I would give my younger self, it would be this one.

Holding your tongue is almost always a super skill to cultivate, particularly because you can’t take back your words after you have spoken them out.

Don’t go with the tide

It’s almost always commonsensical to follow tides, and not swim against them.

But if you want to leap into a new dimension in any field, you must swim against the tide.

People don’t get a different outcome by going with the flow. They must question the status quo.

Social media alternatives

Social media apps are tools, and like all tools you need to have spares in case of loss or wear.

If you learnt anything from the recent Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram outage, particularly if you run a business on any of these platforms, it might be our over reliance on these applications when we could have simply turned to alternatives like Twitter, Telegram, Signal and Discord.

This simple shift might have saved someone, somewhere the headache of not being able to communicate with a loved one or client. Think for a minute, it might have saved someone’s life whose distress call got muffled by the Facebook’s messaging infrastructure. Get alternatives today.

Defy the limits

Governments almost always domesticate people, defining the limits or potentialities of whole populations to align with their objectives.

Sometimes, these limits impinge on the personal. And at other times, they impinge on they spatial or both.

But these impingements aren’t always fail-safe. And so, the moral obligation of defying the limits becomes a human right.