Two types of clients

The clients that complain will most likely stay with you, if you address their complaints.

The ones that don’t complain have most likely moved on to your competition.

If you know the difference, you will encourage complaints and treat them as gifts.

Social media alternatives

Social media apps are tools, and like all tools you need to have spares in case of loss or wear.

If you learnt anything from the recent Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram outage, particularly if you run a business on any of these platforms, it might be our over reliance on these applications when we could have simply turned to alternatives like Twitter, Telegram, Signal and Discord.

This simple shift might have saved someone, somewhere the headache of not being able to communicate with a loved one or client. Think for a minute, it might have saved someone’s life whose distress call got muffled by the Facebook’s messaging infrastructure. Get alternatives today.

Admiration for men

The need to be admired is a primal need every woman in a heterosexual relationship should try to fulfill.

Much like a woman, a man needs to feel admired, only differently. He needs to be admired for his abilities, vision and uniqueness.

If you can’t look at the man you are with, with admiration, or tell him about his superpowers that you admire, leave him alone. You should be with someone you admire.

Be desperate

Be desperate and you’ll accomplish anything. Be desperate for that law degree. Be desperate to be happy.

People almost always think that time stands still. But in truth, the world keeps spinning.

If you are going achieve anything from each moment of your life, then you must find a reason to be desperate.

Vibes in, vibes out

It’s interesting how so many people in relationships depend on personal similarities or vibes today.

The problem with depending on vibes is, people are mutable. They change.

There just has to be more than vibes. And don’t get me wrong, while the similarities that provide the glue, it’s the differences that provide relational quality.

Friendship is showing up

If your friends can’t rely on you to bail them out of trouble, and vice versa, what’s the need being friends?

Reliability is the hallmark of friendship. It is not enough for people to tell you they like you, or you saying the same. Friendship is an agreement to show up for friends whenever they have a need.

After all, there is a saying that ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed.’

Empathy in women

The most important thing in women is almost always empathy.

Empathy towards themselves. Empathy towards their body-image and the body-image of other women. And empathy towards others, particularly, towards men.

Without empathy, a woman loses her superpower and at best, she stays a girl.

Babysitting is for babies

Anything you babysit in your life won’t grow. Whether it be a child, spouse, business partner or mentee.

But anything that isn’t growing, almost always requires babysitting.

If you wonder why pruning the things that aren’t growing, and possibly, cutting off the things that still won’t grow after pruning, is a must, the answer is right in front of you.