Become irreplaceable

When relationships end for any reason, people only miss you if they find you to be irreplaceable.

In many ways, the influence that making yourself invaluable to any person or group wields is one of the financial secrets of the age.

If you want to deepen the bond with people, with whom you share a relationship, personal or professional, work on becoming so valuable they find it hard to replace you.

The gift of self-awareness

If you live in a part of the world where lockdowns were used to manage the Coronavirus pandemic, you received a gift.

The pandemic put you in a position to learn a lot about yourself. For some, the codependent nature of their relationships became manifest as a result of the forced isolation. They realized they were addicted to someone, not from love but from the need for ‘normalcy.’

But codependency isn’t always about having to depend on someone else unhealthily. Rather, it’s about something in your psyche—maybe an emotional trauma—that needs to heal. This self-awareness that you need help is a gift.

The art of making right decisions

Right decisions. Wrong decisions. Making decisions is more about who you are, than about your concept of right and wrong, or the environment you habituate.

In a nutshell, if work on your self-concept, ‘the ideal you,’ through a daily meditative process that helps you stay true to that ideal, you will almost never make a wrong decision.

Someone, once said, “the only way to make good decisions is by making bad ones.” Wrong. That’s the second best way. If you find congruence within yourself, good decision-making will be effortless. Find congruence.

Act like the anomaly

If you do everything normal, where’s the excitement in that?

If you let the expectations of others define you, where’s the ‘you’ in that?

If you act like everything is okay on the way to your dreams, you are delusional. You have to act like the anomaly to reach your dreams, to make your team better…to rise to the demands of what’s required.

Seek actionable information

No matter how best you learn, videos, books or podcasts, always seek actionable information.

This is why you have to be proactive with your learning goals. Decide what you want to accomplish and what you need to learn to accomplish that goal, and get to work.

If you can’t take massive action to improve your life from what you are learning, look for something else to learn that’s actionable.

Move forward

There is no benefit in staying in one place and overthinking or over-planning. You have got to keep striving towards your goals.

Accept that there’s always going to be something to do. There’s always a going to be blind spots you are missing and there’s always the x-factor that you don’t yet know.

If you allow lethargy or discouragement to set in, you would have lost a lot before you realize it. Keep moving forward.

The best ability is availability

Nothing beats showing up. The people who achieve success aren’t the ones with the most talent. They are the ones who show up.

Opportunities are everywhere but they only meet people who show up not matter how uncomfortable the environment might seem.

If there’s any advantage to have, it’s the ability to show up to work, class or the gym, without excuses.

Be defiant

If there’s any attitude you might consider putting up when you are in a tight spot, it’s defiance.

You have got to defy every adverse circumstance by first acknowledging it and then, resisting. Today, you might ask yourself what you are defying as a means of understanding what issues are most pressing in your life at the moment.

Defiance might mean investing in cryptocurrencies, renting instead of taking out a mortgage or rejecting the many social constructs that are so easily embraced by the larger public.

Don’t dabble lower

If you play beneath your estate in life, you’ll get sullied.

Whether you run a business, work with people or socialize, it’s important to know your peers and not dabble less than your level.

And to the reason why you should not compete, play or collaborate downwards, is that you’ll have learnt nothing, and you might lose your reputation in the process. There’s only mud beneath, if you think about it critically.

Learn to say no

‘No’ is a full sentence.

For the fact that some people could abuse you or your time and resources, you cannot openhandedly embrace everyone who asks you for a favor with a ‘yes.’

Maintaining congruence with yourself and your values might mean that you say no to lots of people and things. Learn to say no