Opinions are just projections

It’s liberating when you realize that people’s opinions of you are almost always projections of how they see themselves.

In other words, when the people close to you malign you and call you names, see it as them telling you exactly how they feel about themselves in that moment.

So the next time someone in your orbit says something positive or negative about you, see it as an inroad to how that person sees himself or herself in that moment.

Are you interested or committed?

This question isn’t for people who are still daydreaming about starting a business, finding a spouse or getting out of a tough spot in life. Feel free to skip it if you are still daydreaming.

It’s for people who are actually in the throes of taking action, and still second guessing themselves.

To be interested means that enthusiasm got you to start that business, get married or attend therapy. To be committed is a totally different ballgame. It means doing whatever it takes to stay in business, stay married or complete the process of ridding yourself of that tough spot you found yourself in. It’s a question you must answer for yourself, sincerely.

Attention management

The three things you must learn to manage to be effective, in my opinion, are your mind, time and attention.

In clear terms, you must guard your mind from mediocre thoughts, allocate your time to things that help you reach your goals and give enormous attention to the tasks and people required to reach your goals.

While mind management and time management are easily understood because of the exhaustive resources that have been created to address these phenomena, attention management is an equally interrelated subject that presents an opportunity to become mainstream.

Mental foreplay

If you do a 9 to 5, and are working on a side-hustle after work but almost always lack the brain power to get your own work done after you leave the office, do this.

At your breaks and during commute time to and from work, listen to motivational podcasts.

Provide yourself with the mental foreplay to activate your brain power so that when you get to the place of your side hustle, you can deliver on those tasks that you need to move you from employee to entrepreneur.

Life is cause and effect

In any relationship you have, always ask yourself how you can be a better person for others. Ask yourself, how can I be a better parent, sibling or friend?

Sometimes, ask for feedback. Other times, investigate.

It’s not enough to pray and hope things turn out well. Life is cause and effect. If you experience any effect, take responsibility and begin to invest in a different cause.

Financial risk

What is financial risk?

Financial risk is actually having one source of income. It is depending on a paying job, year after year, because of the fear of becoming an investor or entrepreneur.

If you only depend on a corporation or government for your livelihood, there’s no greater financial risk than that.

Managing change

There are two types of change. The ones we proactively make and the ones we are forced to make.

The difference between the two is almost always ignorance or procrastination.

In the instance of ignorance, continuous learning is vital to reduce your unknown unknowns. But to eliminate procrastination, the fear of the consequences of your continued inaction must come into full view.

Admiration for men

The need to be admired is a primal need every woman in a heterosexual relationship should try to fulfill.

Much like a woman, a man needs to feel admired, only differently. He needs to be admired for his abilities, vision and uniqueness.

If you can’t look at the man you are with, with admiration, or tell him about his superpowers that you admire, leave him alone. You should be with someone you admire.

The twentieth answer

There is a not-so-popular problem-solving technique called mind storming. And here’s how it works.

Simply, you write a question on a piece of paper and then, write twenty possible answers to that question.

It is almost always certain that by the time you write the twentieth answer, you’ll have your solution. Try it today.