Use a vision book

Get an empty book. Put all the pictures of things you want to accomplish over the next six months in this book and write a statement—in the present tense—about how you feel with the accomplishment of these goals. Read this book aloud every morning when you get up, carefully looking at the pictures, and if … Continue reading Use a vision book

Repurpose your environment

Most times, our environments determine our habits and by extension, our habits determine our lives. If you place a television in the middle of your living room instead of a bunch of books, you are setting yourself up to habitually watch TV instead of habitually picking up a book to read, when you have some … Continue reading Repurpose your environment

How to deal with hate

Some people will hate you. It’s natural that they should. They’ll do so for no justifiable reason, except that, by attempting to be yourself, or live based on your purpose, you challenge a reality that they have inhabited for a significant part of their lives. So be rest assured that when people mistreat you, as … Continue reading How to deal with hate

Be about something

There’s more to life than meets the eyes and more often, things don’t always add up to a defined conclusion because life is a complex labyrinth of choices. To deal with this complexity, you’ve only got to be decisive and action-oriented. Your approach to life must be to face it head-on, ready to take its … Continue reading Be about something

What to do with verbal attacks

There are two ways to deal with adversarial behaviour, whether it’s some form of micro aggression or name-calling. First. You can choose to ignore the person and not participate in an exchange, and this is understandable. Or, you can choose to engage in a way that neutralizes the intentionality behind the attack. So what’s the … Continue reading What to do with verbal attacks

Leadership is…

Very often, we are sold on the idea of the ‘strong and dominant leader,’ when in actuality leadership has very little to do with strength and domination. You don’t have to be domineering to lead. Leadership is also not about ableism, wit or charisma. Rather, leadership, in every sense, is the ability to facilitate the … Continue reading Leadership is…

Mind first, matter after

There is another level on the road to your dream. Don’t give up. To get to this new level of achievement or success, you have to begin to see it constantly with your mind’s eye. Remember, mind first, matter after.

The power of an abundance mindset

The “mind-over-matter” cliche is such an important concept to incorporate into your life if you want to be able to materialize things, people and circumstances and lead a life without stress or worry. Precisely, this means that your outward circumstances are a product of your mindset. Two mindsets that often get unravelled are the ones … Continue reading The power of an abundance mindset

No one owes you anything

The reason why many people get disappointed by others is because they have too many expectations. Have none. Even if you have family ties or share a work commitment with someone, understand that no one owes you anything, and everything he or she gives to you, time, efforts or affection, are gifts that can be … Continue reading No one owes you anything


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