Self-awareness is the key

You will never be successful doing work you despise. So stop the mindless drudgery. But you must first come to terms with who you really are. So who are you? What lights you up that you aren’t working on because of doubt and fear? Your self-awareness is the key.

Two difficulties

If you have ever loathed being an entrepreneur, see the movie, Up in the Air. It will straighten many assumptions you have held about job security, loyalty and the legacy you want to leave behind. Understand that working for someone else, all through your career life is as difficult as starting your own business, only … Continue reading Two difficulties

Your social orbit is vital

You might not always agree but who you watch, listen to or spend time with is incredibly indicative of your performance. If you can’t find inspiration from the people you hang around, ditch them and look for podcasts, films and books that can help you raise your game. In life, it’s how much of what … Continue reading Your social orbit is vital

The love of children is enough

So many couples have been through a lot during this pandemic. For some, it afforded the realization that staying together might not be viable, and they quit. Great! For others, particularly with children, they also realized that staying in their current relationships, though painful, might even do more harm to their children, if they left. … Continue reading The love of children is enough

Listen, don’t hear

Very often, we may have to remind ourselves to listen. And I am not talking about hearing. You hear with your ears but you only listen with your entire being. It’s not just the gift of your presence but of your essence and time. If you multitask, you don’t listen. Listening is not for multitaskers. … Continue reading Listen, don’t hear

Become irreplaceable

When relationships end for any reason, people only miss you if they find you to be irreplaceable. In many ways, the influence that making yourself invaluable to any person or group wields is one of the financial secrets of the age. If you want to deepen the bond with people, with whom you share a … Continue reading Become irreplaceable

The gift of self-awareness

If you live in a part of the world where lockdowns were used to manage the Coronavirus pandemic, you received a gift. The pandemic put you in a position to learn a lot about yourself. For some, the codependent nature of their relationships became manifest as a result of the forced isolation. They realized they … Continue reading The gift of self-awareness


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