Simple as it may sound, the solution to your most pressing problem right now is a thought away. Think. Take time off your phone or any other distractions and just ponder a way out of that problem. The best way to think effectively is to right out the solutions that come to your mind on … Continue reading Think

Stay yourself

Very often, people like to fit into moulds based on the expectations of others. For instance, a new parent might give up a profitable or healthy hobby for the sake of parenting on the assumptions that being a parent requires him or her to fit into society’s frame of who a parent should be. Alternatively, … Continue reading Stay yourself

R&D wins

When you have enough money to do R&D, the battle is half-won. It’s always better to spend more time and money sharping your saw than using it blunt. And R&D might be making a checklist or meditating or actually finding facts about a course of action. In all cases, R&D wins.


Sacrificing pieces is a the best way out of a tight corner. It works in life just as in a game of chess. If you are somehow hemmed in, whether in a debt, a mugging or some booby trap, think about sacrificing. There’s always a piece to give.

Embrace conflict

Sometimes, conflicts aren’t so bad. On the contrary, they can be an effective way to communicate. We learnt what agitates the person or people we with whom we are in conflict, and if they mean anything to us, some course-correction takes place. If they aren’t that important, we learn this too, from the aftermath of … Continue reading Embrace conflict

Buy low, sell high

“Buy low, sell high” is probably one of those phrases every capitalist in the world understands. People seeking to make a fortune this year might first reappraise this idea. The internet is full of niches where one might buy cheap and niches where one might sell for profit whether it’s cryptocurrencies or merchandise.


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