What do you want to do now?

If you are a young person and feel flummoxed about what you want to do with your life, you are not alone. Nobody ever does, at first.

The way many people find or stumble upon what they should be doing is almost always gauged by their current hunger, and not by what their younger selves wanted years ago. And please, sidestep the expectations of friends and family particularly when they want you to choose a profession that’s not you.

If you are hungry to help people look beautiful, try being a beautician. If you want to help families stay together or help opioid addicts with harm reduction, try counseling. I am careful to say, ‘try’ because there aren’t any guarantees until you want to succeed at your chosen vocation by all means necessary. Also, whatever it is that you want, know that you might not want it in two or even five years. And this is okay. Just focus on what you want now, and you’ll be fine.

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