The love of children is enough

So many couples have been through a lot during this pandemic. For some, it afforded the realization that staying together might not be viable, and they quit. Great!

For others, particularly with children, they also realized that staying in their current relationships, though painful, might even do more harm to their children, if they left.

True to the title of this post, I want to urge you to stay because of your kids, if you can. Many might argue the unhealthy nature of such a choice but then, I might ask: Do you really love your kids enough to endure an unhappy relationship until they are stable enough to handle a break? Or can you even look for a solution because you love him or her? I am asking you to stay, go to counseling if need be, because of the love you have for your children. For many of us, there is almost nothing we won’t do for our children , trust me.

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