Three things about staying broke or getting rich

There are three things that people do that guarantee they’ll never be rich. The first is saving money. Trying to save money that the government can print at will, and in massive quantities, is like trying to use a bucket to empty an ocean. Save precious metals instead, if you need to save.

Next, is renting out your time. Your time is your greatest asset. However, you can’t get the full value for your time because time-renting is a buyers’ market. In a market where buyers set the price, sellers can’t extract real value. Rather, own your time as much as you can, deploying it to projects that resonate with you, and are cash producing.

Lastly, associating with broke people will keep you broke. The fact that whom you associate with, is your choice should clearly indicate that many of us are choosing to never be rich by the people we choose to hang around. If you change your network, you can change your net worth.

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