What to do with verbal attacks

There are two ways to deal with adversarial behaviour, whether it’s some form of micro aggression or name-calling.

First. You can choose to ignore the person and not participate in an exchange, and this is understandable. Or, you can choose to engage in a way that neutralizes the intentionality behind the attack.

So what’s the intention behind every verbal attack? It is an attempt at establishing a concocted hierarchy. This hierarchy could be racial, gendered or ableist. So, should you choose to participate in an exchange, your response should neutralize the hierarchy being sought, and level the playing field.

One thought on “What to do with verbal attacks

  1. Great piece!

    It sure going to take some good level of maturity or special skills to be able to respond in such way it neutralizes the concocted hierarchy, especially when it has to do with racial/ableist attack.

    I would rather respond by ignoring…


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