Relational vs transactional

Human interaction is fraught with one of two, or both elements.

It could be relational, meaning that the parties involved in the interaction develop an organic interdependence on each other with no agenda, aside from being in fellowship. True friendships or love relationships have this quality of being very relational.

The other aspect of human interaction is transactional. In these interactions, there is an agenda. People want something in exchange for something else. Very often, the transactional nature of your interactions isn’t obvious because of the ‘selfish’ or predatory labels that are often tied to wanting something from other people.

More often, relationships are a hybrid of being relational and transactional, and even if you don’t spell this out with your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, colleague or customer, you always know the kinds of interactions you have with the people in your life and if you want these interactions to be more relational or transactional.

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