Do it scared

Do it scared. Let nothing and no one hold you back. If you want to write, write. If you want to dance, dance.

Cos if you don’t, the regrets will be too much to bear. Regret is a poisoned chalice, sometimes. Drink from it once, and you’ll drink from it again—demurred and denounced to the requiems of “I should have…”

What does it matter that you contemplate failing at the onset of your journey? The rationalizations of numbers, obstacles or obscurities. What matters is that you do you what must. And if it scares you—do it anyway.

One thought on “Do it scared

  1. Aw yes. I quit my cushy job to write a novel which would eventually be longlisted in a contest, something I’d never have learned I could do had I not went into it scared. Thanks for this great message!

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