White, black and red

As Ta-Nehisi Coates writes, ‘Hate labels’. ‘Whiteness,’ ‘blackness,’ and ‘redness’ aren’t exactly about skin colour as much as they are about metaphors that each represents.

‘Whiteness’ is a metaphor for power; the ability to name, label, control and enslave for profit.

‘Blackness’ is code for subjugation. It’s not that the skin colour of black people is actually black but that their bodies represent something ominous in the frames of Eurocentric thought, something to exploit, rape and dominate.

‘Redness,’ less popular and even more sinister, is about the disappearing Aboriginal bodies in North America from off their land. Whether they are physically removed from land spaces where they roamed, and or sedated with alcohol on faraway reserves, ‘red’ is about dispossession through elimination.

White, black and red aren’t about skin colour, they are just metaphors for Eurocentric resource allocation.

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