What’s coming

In about three weeks, many governments in the developed world plan to end pandemic-related financial supports. Reality will set in that people need to get out there and look for work.

The problem, however, is many won’t find jobs for reasons that the economy was too battered to restart and go back to normal. Then, a new realization of economic trouble will filter in through the news media, panic will take over and people will start to say we are in something worse than the Great Depression.

What’s coming requires one of two responses. You either find new ways of making money to support the lifestyle you have, or you find a way to make your need for money redundant.

I hate to be a Cassandra but many people will look to right-wing politicians in the West to solve these problems. Populism will worsen, sadly. Capital will flow to tax-friendly jurisdictions, and unemployment will reach an all-time high.

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