Be nimble

Great awakenings occur in moments of dire desperation, in moments like these, when all of a sudden, we will realize that the world is in the middle of an economic depression, only no one is talking about it yet.

The fact that no one is talking about certain things that you can feel or perceive should let you know social control is real. In fact, by the time media companies start to broadcast about the state of the global economy, it will already be too late, and the majority of people would already be out of work or out of money. And this is why personal agency is so important, right now.

Personal agency requires that you think for yourself. Plan. And get ready to respond in your own way. You may not know it but when gold prices start to go up, it’s a sign of an impending economic winter. It’s an indication that if you think like most people who are socially controlled by the news media, you would be led to do nothing.

Today, I am saying, be nimble. Cut back on some expenses, create a crisis fund, and start looking for ways to expand your income.

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