Get out

If you strip everything down to the essentials, you’d realize that everything around you is a social construct. Time, place, date, race and even your name were mostly defined by someone else apart from you.

Think about it. Where are you reading this post from? Who told you where you are is where you are? I mean, someone created longitudes and latitudes, right? How do you know the date, given that different civilizations use different calendars to calibrate time? And how is your race even important or unimportant in terms of actual human function? If your parents named you based on their mood at the time of your birth, how is your identity so attached to your name?

It appears many of us have been in a bubble for quite a while, sleeping, living based on the dictates of an unquestioned frame, no matter our place in society. I mean, how do you get to be you outside the social constructs of other people who may or may not be smarter than you?

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