How to plant your “why “ in your mind

Decision making always happens from a higher-stake point of view. We always avoid pain to pursue pleasure.

This means, if writing a novel is more painful than sitting on the couch all summer to binge watch TV, the novel will never get written.

The secret to making the tough decisions that move you forward in life is to look for more “pleasure-anchors” to tie to the goals you want to achieve.

A quick way to do this is by making a list of pleasure and pain points associated with your goal’s achievement while carefully stacking more pleasure points than pain points.

Next, make a new list of only the pleasure points and read it aloud to yourself every day for two weeks while visualizing the accomplishment of your goal. If you prefer, you may read it aloud to some instrumental music that you love. This is how to plant your “why” in your subconscious mind.

A great speaker once said, “the man who knows ‘what’ will always be subject to the man who knows ‘how’ but the man who knows ‘why’ will always be their boss.”

Plant your “why” deep in your subconscious mind, the goal will be difficult not to reach.

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