Money is…

Money is not everything. If you provide value in some shape or form, money is a fairly good measure of what the market thinks about your work. The fact that the market is willing to pay you or not, holds one lesson. Money should never be the goal but an indicator of how well you are accomplishing your goals.

On the other hand, money itself is mercurial, passing from person to person with a speed that demands some pursuit. This demands, connecting with people. They’ll never buy your work if they don’t even know it exists. This demands, getting them to like you enough to buy from you; renting instead of owning so that you have the latitude to be flexible and selling in a way that elicits the word-of-mouth salesmanship of others.

Money is something and many things at the same time. It’s a grand seduction to chase or not to chase, to consider but not fetishize; to have and then, to hold. Money’s amorality is its biggest lure.

One thought on “Money is…

  1. I’ve been writing for a living for a while now and if it’s a measure of how good I am at it, I think I better find something else lol.

    jk I wouldn’t trade this for the world. Thanks for sharing, Pat!

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