Spectrum or labels

When it comes to dealing with people, avoid labels. Most people aren’t altogether good or evil because good and evil are on a spectrum.

Truth be told, good people do bad things and bad people do good too.

Besides, if you give it some more thought, someone’s hero is always another’s villain and vice versa. It doesn’t matter that Churchill saved Britain or that like me, you attend a Catholic Church. Heroes are villains and villains are heroes.

However, trying to simplify our experiences of the world by lazy labeling changes nothing about the complexities of human nature. In fact, it reveals a puerile naïveté that’s often either murderous or suicidal.

Racial categorizations of “whiteness” and “blackness” always come to mind when I discuss this subject, and I am urged to ask. Is anyone literally white? And are there people who are literally black? No. What really exists is a spectrum of light skin tones to more browner ones, more like caramel to dark chocolate.

So when we begin to understand that we bleed the same blood and in more ways than the superficial, have similar problems and aspirations, the prejudices that destroy people weaken.

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