Certainty and novelty

Transformational guru, Tony Robbins always talks about six important human needs; the first two being the need for certainty and novelty.

Certainty is important because it allows the mind some peace to plan and execute within a given timeframe. Regarding the current pandemic, we might want to cling to an idea, or at least a guess—for mental health reasons—about when the pandemic will be over and then, frame our goals and aspirations within the context of these assumptions. For instance, if you have always wanted to learn to play the piano, and never really had the time to do so, these times, depending on the country in which you live, present an incredible opportunity to learn a completely new skill. Framing your goal within an expected timeframe provides you with the structural frame to pursue it. Besides, this helps to curb manic behaviour that could arise out of being uncertain about the times.

The second need, the need for novelty works differently. Here, we need to take on a new challenge. It could be losing a significant amount of weight or making a specific amount of money. Needing novelty is steeped in the idea that growth is making progress in some shape or form. Within the estimated time of what’s left of the pandemic, you could learn to code, change your physical appearance or write a book.

But you need to be certain about how much time you have and what exciting pursuits you want to explore with the time you have left.

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