Three marriages

Marriage is such an enticing subject because if we look at it holistically, we are always in a marriage of sorts whether we are in an actual one, a company or some other kind of relationship.

Universally, there are three marriages or states, in which a marriage can be in.

First and most often, marriages can be toxic co-dependencies. And this could be with a business colleague or associate or spouse that approaches the relationship with opaque paternalism. It’s a relationship between a benefactor and a bottom feeder.

Next, marriages could be partnerships. The coming together of people to form a family or corporation typically bothers around a common problem or idea. Sometimes, the problem or idea could be specific or amorphous. In any case, orienting marriages around ideas or problems could prove problematic with the passage of time. For instance, what happens when the problem ceases to exist? Or the idea that brought the ‘partners’ together is no longer valid. In 1945, when Hitler was defeated, the Allied Forces dissipated into history too.

Lastly, marriages can be organisms that live, breathe and can adapt. The thing with organisms is that they have an indistinguishable essence through and through that makes it difficult to tell a sum from its parts. If you find such a company or relationship, there’s no giving up that for anything else. There’s nourishment, interaction and boundless growth.

Now that this is out of the way, marriages can change depending on which approach you take, which is why we launch my new book, We: The Antidote to Divorce today.

Not because we need more marriage books but because we need your marriages to work.

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