You need an original

If you don’t find what you are good at during a hiatus like this one, then maybe you have backed up against the wrong tree longer than you should.

Learning an entirely new way of doing things might just be the approach you need to take, and you still have some time.

One way to learn new tricks is through apprenticeships. You find someone who knows his or her spiel, and come under their wing so that they can teach you.

If you look at things differently, now is the time to be learning from a mentor. It’s the time to buy seminars if you can afford it or at least, attend free ones.

In his book, Think and Grow Rich, author Napoleon Hill, differentiates between generic knowledge and specialized knowledge, emphasizing the importance of the latter.

Certain, there is a tested path to accomplish anything but you need to find someone who has been on that path before and follow him or her.

Now, some people might tell you that they have been on a path you want to follow, even though they have no recognizable credentials, be wary. There are too many fakes in the world. What you need is an original.

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