Two cultural perspectives

In every sphere of human life, there are two ends of a cultural spectrum within which people find themselves.

At one end, culture is hierarchical and at the other, egalitarian. Both cultural extremes show up in politics, religion and business.

For example, the computer industry in the 1940s operated under hierarchical culture with IBM dominating the entire industry while supplying large mainframes to the military industrial complex of that day.

Then came Steve Jobs and Bill Gates with ideas to democratize computing and today, there are computers, everywhere.

It’s not that one cultural perspective supersedes the other, no. It’s just that we need to approach the cultural spectrum from a place of moderation to achieve any progress at all.

Racial and economic injustices aren’t actually originated by people because they want to be unjust, they are symptomatic of endemic and immoderate cultural leanings, sometimes, too far toward hierarchy and sometimes, too far toward egalitarianism.

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