The thing about suspicion

There are many dark areas of the human condition. By dark areas, I mean, things you do not want others to know about you. Call them pet peeves or guilty pleasures everyone has them. Yet, these dark areas have a way of derailing you from success and accomplishment, if you keep them locked away in the quiet spaces of your heart.

One example is suspecting a spouse or partner of cheating. Many people harbour suspicions of impropriety about their significant other or business partners and never say a word of it to them. Even if they have no proof that these partners are stepping out on them, their suspicion generally soils the relationship and before long, the relationship implodes.

The bottling up of toxic emotions like suspicion generally comes to a head during disagreements, unkind words are spoken and the relationship, if care isn’t taken, finally dissolves.

On second thought, if you had just talked about your suspicions in an atmosphere of transparency, maybe the relationship might have survived. In many cases, suspicion in relationships serves as an indication of a need for deeper transparency between lovers, friends or business partners. Tell him or her about your misgivings to have them allayed or confirmed. It’s what you owe yourself and your partner.

Nothing good can ever come from harbouring suspicions towards another person, particularly when these suspicions have no logical merit.

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