Work on being, not on having

Work on “being,” not on “having,” for with what you are, you will have. “Being” and “having” are two separate things, requiring two separate types of education.

The institutions of this world profit off people by making them feel inadequate in some way. Through advertising, these institutions educate people on “having.” They teach that you are incomplete without a product or service or certificate they sell, that they want you to have.

“Being” is the complete opposite. “Being” starts with self-identity and ends with self-actualization. It is the orientation of oneself around a specific problem or set of problems that you were born to solve.

Who knows? Maybe you were born to end poverty or cure cancer or provide affordable housing, “being” is rising to meet the requirements of your life’s meaning. “Being” is about devotion to a calling. It may require becoming a protégé to someone in your line of work but with “being,” the honing of your craft is a must.

If you focus on “having,” that’s how most people land jobs they hate working payday to payday. However, if you focus on “being,” you might get a chance to build a meaningful life that ends up giving you everything you ever wanted.

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