What problems were you born to solve?

If you took people who, by the application of mind, could produce products or services worth billions of dollars and enslaved them, such that they depended on you for their daily sustenance, it would be the ultimate power play.

Yet, this exactly is what global institutions have done with people, from education to healthcare. Like puppeteers with puppets, the institutionalization of almost everything has been about limiting the individual application of the human mind, causing the greatest global pandemic ever called conformity.

For billions of people, they simply don’t know why they go to school, graduate, get a job, start a family, raise a family, buy a home, retire and die. It’s just the way it is.

But maybe if you stopped for a second to ask yourself what problem your life was designated to solve in this world, you might wake up from sleep paralysis and start truly living.

And maybe if you decided to build your life from this point on around the actual design of your life, you might not feel so frustrated about things like getting a job or finding a mate or educating your children.

When you find a problem or set of problems that your life was designed to solve for others, leave everything else and focus on it. It might be something you instantly love or something you could get fond of. But leave everything else and give it your best shot. You only have one life. Refuse to let the world beat it into darn submission.

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