Idea meritocracies are the best

In his groundbreaking book, Principles, investment manager, Ray Dalio eschews one idea more than any other as instrumental to making great decisions and by extension, a fortune for his partners and clients.

This idea, the idea-meritocracy simply meant that the decision framework for Bridgewater Associates, Dalio’s company was hinged on the best ideas presented irrespective of whose idea it was.

This decision-making framework gave no cognizance to politics or seniority such that everyone in the company could chip in their ideas or blend ideas with others to arrive at unimpeachable resolutions for implementation.

If hierarchical setups like families, religious organizations and the government ran like this, there’d be such efficiency that would make corruption impossible or at least minimal.

Every other style of government may have its merits but without arguments, idea meritocracies are the best.

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