Three reasons to prioritize

Prioritize. You have probably heard this taught a thousand times that it probably sounds cliche. But think about it for a moment, you have so much time in a day and so many days in a week to be productive.

Prioritize because it is the highest mark of self-respect; the highest form of self-love. You choose what’s important from what’s not, based on your self-estimation. Prioritizing important things to do, is really about giving yourself permission to truly live.

Prioritize because your life is more than just your own. So many people need you to bring the ship of your life to berth at the port of your highest self, whatever this is. The essence of your life is too important to let the days slip by.

Finally, there’s a product your life was meant to bring to this world, a company of people your product was meant to connect and a legacy this connection was meant to leave behind.

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