Gamers, gaming companies owe you money

Slavery is the use of forced labour without paying for it. It would be openly frowned upon if particular organizations were deemed to use slave labour to advance their prospects in the world, yet slavery is exactly what gaming companies inflict upon many children.

First, how do gaming companies make money? Advertisers? No. Gaming companies make money from their users. They build a computer game software, get users to adopt these games and then leverage their user pool information to advertisers to make money.

User numbers show the value of the computer game and advertisers provide an outlet for gaming companies to monetize that value.

But who is the user and how is the user a slave? The user is the one who devotes his or her time to playing video games. Time is money. Indeed, time is the only asset that gets expropriated by gaming companies and unsuspecting gamers give their time for free.

And someone might say that gamers play games voluntarily but I don’t agree. Games are designed to produce dopamine rushes in users to keep them addicted (or rather, enslaved) to investing their time without receiving a financial return.

I dare say that gaming companies owe their game users money. In fact, they have owed gamers money that runs into billions of dollars for quite a while now. But the other thing many of us need to accept is that the gaming industry is really about slave labour and that many of us who participate in it or know someone who participates in it, is actually participating in one of the newer forms of slavery.

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