Your life’s work

It’s something you do effortlessly and it’s not about earning money.

Maybe it’s caring for others or writing or building legos. The important thing about it is you love this thing so much that time passes so fast because you are having fun.

The sad thing probably, is parents or friends or society might have vilified you for it, and you cared, so you stopped doing it.

The other thing though might be that you didn’t care about all the backbiting and you plodded on. Or maybe you cared what they said and stopped. Who cares? It’s still there.

Your life’s work never leaves you. You may get divorced, become orphaned, lose friends or family and maybe, wind up in prison. All the things I hope you don’t but it will be there with you.

Your life’s work would not be with you if it didn’t mean something to someone, somewhere.

So remember that it matters, and that you matter and that whatever it is, there’s someone out there ready to pay you something for the fun you bring to the world such that you have to get back in that saddle today and write or sing or do whatever it is that your life’s work is.

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